One year has passed, with its hopes and fears, achievements and failures, breakthroughs and losses, happy and sorrowful moments, ups and downs. For us, the Iranians, 2013 was a promising and auspicious year since we elected a moderate President, Hassan Rouhani, who came to power with a slogan of change, and with a commitment to engage with the international community constructively. His landslide victory in the June 14, 2013 presidential elections heralded an end to the era of extremism and fanaticism in foreign policy and imprudence in domestic management. The whole world welcomed the election of President Rouhani, and more than 100 leaders from the five continents congratulated him on his victory in the presidential elections. His trip to New York to attend the 68th session of the UN General Assembly was a momentous U-turn in Iran’s foreign relations, especially after he spoke on phone with his American counterpart Barack Obama, after some 34 years of lack of official contact between the two countries.

For me, 2013 was a fruitful and successful year, although I experienced some difficulties in my life. I did many important interviews, many of which are archived on this website. I started cooperating with a number of brilliant individuals, academics, diplomats and journalists, and also wrote articles for different magazines and news websites. I was supported by faithful and dedicated people, to whom I’m deeply thankful The most important achievements for a print and online journalism can be doing interviews with high-ranking figures, winning important media awards and appearing on prominent media outlets. I’m moving toward that direction, with God’s patronage.

A determining development in this year for me was to be recruited for a compulsory, 21-month military service. I was enlisted by the navy, spent two months of intensive training and am now doing my active service in the Navy’s English Language Training School. My service will end next year, the same time, and I have many ambitious intentions for my new life after the end of my military service.

I would like to extend my sincerest greetings to you on the arrival of the New Year, and wish all of you readers and your beloved families a joyous, peaceful, prosperous and happy 2014. My special greetings to the Christian citizens of Iran who have always lived with the other Iranians in peace and friendship, and sometimes tolerate different hardships, but never complain or protest, which is due to their deep and profound attachment to their mother country.

Please don’t deprive me of your constructive and interesting comments and viewpoints on my work in 2014 and continue to encourage me by sending me emails and letting me know what you think about my articles and interviews. Happy New Year!