Kourosh Ziabari is one of the crucial, critical voices of our time. As an award winning Iranian journalist, his interviews, articles, and commentaries provide both a language of critique and hope. He is unsparing in his search for justice and for shedding light on the working of global power and politics. He refuses to surrender truth to the orthodoxies of power and makes clear that being a public intellectual means taking risks, holding power accountable, and always connecting knowledge to the search for justice. His work is a necessity for any one concerned about justice, truth, and democracy in a world that is rife with economic and political tyranny.

Henry A. Giroux, author and Global TV Network Chair Professor at McMaster University.

Kourosh Ziabari is extremely important voice of reason, connecting his country – Iran – with the rest of the world.

Mr. Ziabari, instead of replying to hatred with hatred, has been singlehandedly engaging many leading world thinkers, including several Western opposition figures and Nobel Prize laureates, in open, frank and honest discussion.This discussion is about the state of the world, and about extremely dangerous game that the West is now playing.

He has also been explaining Iran to the world, highlighting the enormity and depth of its culture, and peaceful nature of its people.

As most of the other great investigative journalists of all times, while writing and interviewing, Mr. Ziabari was also learning himself. And he was learning from those who could be easily called the best. No school, no institution can bring better education than the direct interaction with the most brilliant minds of our planet.

What Mr. Ziabari does for our world could be truly called ‘work in progress’. It is relentless and never-ending process with no single concrete ‘goal’. But there are many ‘bi-products’ of this process, including peace, justice, decency, respect and understanding between the nations.

- Andre Vltchek, journalist, novelist and filmmaker; author of “Point of Return”

Intellectual integrity and critical thinking are rare commodities among commentators on Middle East affairs. Kourosh Ziabari is among those exceptional people who adhere to a professional ethic of honesty and detachment even while deeply concerned about the turbulent politics of the region. Always informed, careful to separate the known from the speculative, he tackles the most challenging issues with rigor and engagement. Based in Iran, he addresses the most fraught questions with admirable directness.

There is never anything hackneyed or predictable about his analysis. Instead, we see a dedicated man striving to make sense out of a challenging world while constant in his advocacy of a reasoned and reasonable approach to the problems that beset us. Regular visits to his site will pay handsome dividends in sharpened understanding and renewed motivation  to advance the cause of justice and reconciliation.

Michael Brenner, political scientist, Senior Fellow the Center for Transatlantic Relations, SAIS-Johns Hopkins

Kourosh Ziabari is a journalist committed to building better relations between Iran and the West. His excellent blog features interviews with leading politicians, advisors and academics who provide a refreshing alternative to the mainstream media. Mr. Ziabari’s blog was important during the period of tension between his country and the western world. Given the possibility of a thaw, and a new opening for dialogue, his site is perhaps even more important now.I can only urge anyone interested in foreign affairs to visit this blog with its refreshing insights and critical analysis regarding an encounter between nations that is of estimable importance to world politics.

Stephen Eric Bronner, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Recipient of the 2011 MEPeace Award from the Middle East Peace Network (Jerusalem)

Kourosh Ziabari is a courageous and articulate Iranian journalist whose essays provoke thinking about the roots of, and alternatives to, the crises facing us today. His emergence as a young, serious writer is proof that no amount of sanctions and vilifications from the powerful can suppress what is essentially good.

Deepak Tripathi, FRHistS, FRAS, British author and historian

I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed by Mr. Ziabari on a couple of occasions and from my experiences with him and his works, I can confidently say that he is a brilliant journalist with a great potential to help world peace. With his unwavering commitment to peace and liberties, I am sure that Mr. Ziabari will lead the way for others in his quest for objective and peace-building journalism.

- Harun Yahya, Turkish author and the pioneer of Ijaz literature

Kourosh Ziabari is a breath of fresh air, in a world where today’s youth would rather waste countless hours on their “smart” phones on worthless texts and tweets. Kourosh wastes no time; sleeping like a Spartan, his entire day is devoted to learning. Whether researching a topic on the Internet, reading a book, or conducting an interview, Ziabari moves forward, interviewing some of the leading figures of our time for their insight into some of the more controversial issues confronting all of us in this time of the mainstream media’s great deceit.

Do yourself and others a favor by making Kourosh’s website, www.kouroshziabari.com, a weekly stop in your travels across cyberspace.

– Dave Gahary, journalist and web editor of American Free Press.

There is no better analyst of the international political scene today than Kourosh Ziabari.  His coverage of the Middle East and Central Asia, terrorism, human rights, imperialism, Zionism, multi-national corporatism and the New World Order are as comprehensive and insightful as anyone currently in our business.  People who want to know what and why is happening in their world today need to junk Corporate Media and its manipulations, and bookmark www.kouroshziabari.com.

– Mark Dankof, journalist and radio host The Ugly Truth and Yearbook of Experts

Kourosh Ziabari is more than just a journalist, he is a chronicler of the issues that define our time.  Through his articles and interviews, he is able to shed light on some of the most complex subjects which, too often, remain a blind spot in the global political landscape and in our collective psyche. Ziabari’s fearless questioning and critical approach distinguish him as one of the foremost international journalists working today.

– Eric Draitser, geopolitical analyst and the founder of Stop Imperialism

In my opinion, Kourosh Ziabari, like Joshua Blakeney of Canada, is among the most courageous and outspoken journalists of our time.  He has displayed intellectual integrity and tremendous courage in tackling some of the most controversial issues of our time.  If the world had more investigative reporters of his quality, the public would be far better informed and many corrupt acts would be exposed and reviled. Let us hope that he and Joshua and others of their calibre continue to thrive and prosper shining the bright light of truth upon the dark recesses of the human condition.

James H. Fetzer, former Marine Corps office and McKnight Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota Duluth

Kourosh Ziabari is an enterprising, bold, and dynamic Iranian journalist who has already conducted many penetrating interviews with numerous scholars, experts, politicians, authors, academics, writers, and others on a variety of topics, with especial emphasis on political developments in the Middle East, US hegemonic relations with the Middle East North Africa region, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, status of nuclear weapons proliferation, Islamophobia, freedom of speech, censorship and hypocrisy, imperialism, terrorism, religion, and a vast array of other political, intellectual, and cultural topics of interest. Ziabari asks incisive questions which shed light on many of today’s contemporary struggles for freedom, human rights, and dignity. His work is critical for those following ongoing struggles in the region and around the world.

Dr. Colin S. Cavell, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Bluefield State College

Kourosh Ziabari is a journalist whose work is commendable with respect not only to its range and depth of coverage but to its mode of engagement. Ziabari challenges common misperceptions of Iranian culture and society by demonstrating genuine fairness and objectivity in his approach to facts and human subjects.  He eschews censorship, he encourages critical thinking and intellectual analysis, he supplies a platform for marginalized positions, and he in turn presents “East”-”West” convergences that broaden and enhance the concept of “civilization” while strengthening the justification, evident throughout his work, for doing so.

– Dr. Terri Ginsberg, International Council for Middle East Studies

Kourosh Ziabari is an award winning Iranian journalist and not without reason. His interviews and articles often shed light on controversial issues which many other journalists would avoid for the sake of convenience or conformity. I’m delighted to be able to call Kourosh my colleague at nsnbc.

– Dr. Christof Lehmann, psychologist, political consultant, writer and founder of the nsnbc media collective.

Kourosh Ziabari is a journalist that people need to pay attention to. His critical reportage and in-depth interviews question the foundations and perpetuation of global hegemony, and dare to tell the story from a prospective entirely overlooked by mainstream Western audiences. When reporting on his home country of Iran, Kourosh offers a balanced and insightful position on everything from Iran’s nuclear program and alleged “state-sponsored anti-Semitism” to the distorted portrayal of his nation in mainstream media. For anyone looking for a clear picture on issues relating to Iran and the Middle East more generally, Kourosh’s library of articles and interviews are a necessity.

Nile Bowie, Malaysia-based political analyst and photographer

Kourosh Ziabari is a prolific journalist who covers not only the main issues of the day, but in a way that properly puts these issues in historical and meaningful context. His principled commitment to truth and justice informs his work and the reader.

Finian Cunningham, Irish journalist and author

The evil doers of the world understand that in order to succeed with what they’ve planned for everyone else, light, truth and honesty must be eliminated, which is why a concerted effort is put forth in squelching voices and outlets who bring forth light, truth and honesty. Kourosh Ziabari is not just a source of that light which threatens the dark plans of the evil doers, but a light factory in his own right. Knowing that his home country of Iran is on the dark list of places the evil doers would like to see destroyed, as a true patriot and servant of humanity he boldly goes forth, putting all at risk in exposing this dark conspiracy that threatens not only his own country of Iran, but indeed the entire world. All persons of good will owe him a tremendous debt for his tireless work.

– Mark Glenn, The Ugly Truth Radio Network / Crescent & Cross Solidarity Movement

Kourosh Ziabari has done much to dispel the stereotypes propagated by some about the nation of Iran. His journalism and op-eds help shed light on the “other side” of the story through consistent professionalism and objectivity. His value as a journalist in general is also greatly appreciated, especially his coverage of issues that receive little or no coverage across the prevailing “mainstream” media of our time. I am very fortunate to be in contact with people like Kourosh, who are dependable and eager to help others develop a fuller picture of his own nation as well as his perspective and knowledge of matters beyond its borders.

Tony Cartalucci, American geopolitical analyst and writer based in Bangkok

Kourosh Ziabari brings a sense of justice and an indomitable spirit to his writing and interviews. In the endeavor to make the world a more just place, it is crucial to understand that world. Naturally, honest journalism has a large part to play, and people like Mr. Ziabari are providing inspiration and an exemplar on that score.

Gregory Harms, author of “Straight Power Concepts in the Middle East: US Foreign Policy, Israel and World History”