Interview with French author Laurent Guyenot


Laurent Guyenot

Kourosh Ziabari – Fars News Agency: French author and researcher believes that President Francois Hollande has adopted an aggressive policy toward Syria in order to satisfy the Israelis and win their pleasure, but this policy will ultimately fail.

According to Laurent Guyenot, the previous French administrations had gained some reputation for the nation with their independent foreign policy, but Sarkozy and Hollande have adopted unconventional policies which only serve to please the Tel Aviv regime.

“France under Chirac and Dominique de Villepin had gained some respect by standing against the Iraq invasion. François Hollande has now brought shame on our nation. France could redeem itself somewhat by coming to the help of the Syrian people,” said Guyenot in an exclusive interview with Fars News Agency.

Laurent Guyenot was born in France in 1960. After graduating as an engineer from the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées in Paris, he has shortly worked in the armament industry in the United States, before turning to the study of religious history and anthropology. He has earned a PhD in Medieval Studies in La Sorbonne, Paris, and has since authored several books in French on medieval “narrative anthropology”, most recently The Bleeding Spear (2010) and Fairy Death (2011). He has been a regular contributor to, Veterans News Now and My Cartbird Seat websites. His book “JFK-9/11: 50 years of Deep State” is available in kindle edition.

What follows is the text of FNA’s interview with Mr. Guyenot about the ongoing crisis in Syria, the approach taken by the European and Arab governments toward Syria and the future of war in the Arab country.

Q: Laurent; the United States had threatened to strike Syria over the allegations that the government of President Assad used chemical weapons against the rebels on August 21. However, he withdrew his threats after Syria pledged to declare its nuclear arms and join the Chemical Weapons Convention. Do you consider this change of rhetoric a political setback for the United States?

A: Indeed, everybody wanting peace rather than war must see this new development as a setback against the Israeli-American war machine. We must thank Russia and Iran for it. It is not only a victory for peace, but also of victory for rationality against madness, and a victory for truth; it seems that the American people were not quite ready to be led to another war by another big lie of their government. Although I have no evidence of it, I suppose that Internet journalism has played an efficient role in exposing the propaganda of mainstream media. Those in the Department of State who are manipulating the US foreign and military policy do not want to be exposed, so they had to swallow their own filthy lie. The whole world is now hoping that the American people will grow more aware of their government’s weapons of mass deceptions.

Q: What do you think about the activities of the Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria who are killing the pro-government civilians and the army force? Isn’t it ironic that the United States is supplying arms and financial assistance to these terrorists deliberately?

A: When in the 1970s, US strategists decided to trap the Soviet Union into the Afghan war, they funded, through the Pakistani ISI, the most fanatic groups in Afghanistan, instead of Commandant Massoud’s Northern Alliance, and in doing so they literally fabricated terrorism. After creating Al-Qaeda, they have used it as a patsy in the 9/11 attacks and as a pretext to invade Afghanistan again twelve years ago. Now they are arming again these international gangs of mad brainwashed criminals in an attempt to bleed to death another nation, Syria.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, in a few months from now, they decide to attack Syria on the pretext that it harbors Al-Qaeda. This is the essence of the Machiavellian ideology which now moves the US National Security State: the highest sophistication in the game of power is to create and manipulate your own enemy. That is the game at which Israel has now become so good. But it was National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, who started it with his deputy Robert Gates, a CIA veteran soon to become the Agency’s director. He saw the world as “the Grand Chessboard”, where nations and peoples are disposable. It is now a bit late for him to complain that the Zionist have outsmarted him at his own game.

Q: The Syrian Army has made serious advances in the recent weeks and regained many regions which were occupied by the rebels, the Al-Qaeda fighters and the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists. Is the army capable of completely sweeping the lands and areas invaded by the terrorists and putting an end to the three-year-long crisis?

A: I am not qualified to judge the capacity of the Syrian army and that of the rebels. I can only wish that the Syrian army restores the national sovereignty and that the Syrian people, as well as the Syrian leadership, emerge wiser and stronger from that ordeal. As Ahmed Shah Massoud used to say, war is a trial, and nations like men can grow through trials, if they face them with dignity and humility. Ultimately, Syria will gain the respect and the gratitude of the international community for its resistance.

Q: The Syrian officials say that the crisis in their country is not a result of people’s dissatisfaction with the government or a popular uprising against President Assad. They believe that terrorists from more than 80 countries are involved in the war against Syria. What’s the reason such countries as Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey are sending mercenaries to Syria to fight against the national army? What’s their main objective?

A: I don’t know the objective of Arab rulers, but I suspect corruption plays a big part in it. As for Britain, France and Germany, I think it is becoming less and less of a secret that Zionists elements have gained the upper hand on their foreign policy. It is certainly the case with Laurent Fabius, who can be fairly called a Zionist mole. Such people are not working for the State they represent, but for the Zionist imperial agenda.

Q: The humanitarian situation of the Syrian people is really grave these days. The people are struggling for shelter, power, fuel and food. Millions have been displaced and thousands of others have lost their homes. How is it possible to help the crisis-hit Syrians in the wake of the ongoing conflict in their country?

A: One thing we can do, here in Europe, is pressure our governments to stop behaving like Israel’s mules and care for their own nations’ reputation in the world. France under Chirac and Dominique de Villepin had gained some respect by standing against the Iraq invasion. François Hollande has now brought shame on our nation. France could redeem itself somewhat by coming to the help of the Syrian people.

Q: What’s your viewpoint about the atrocities being committed against the religious minorities of Syria and the persecution of the Christians by the extremist anti-government fighters, rebels and Al-Qaeda terrorists? Are they after spreading sectarian conflict inside Syria and pitting the Christians against the Muslims?

A: The Zionists have always resorted to fueling sectarian conflicts. Middle East nations are particularly vulnerable to this. Zionists, like psychopaths, build their power by creating disunity among others. As overcoming a virus should make the body immune, so nations must learn to identify, resist and destroy this foreign sickening influence.

Q: What’s your viewpoint on the role France is playing in sparking unrest and crisis in Syria? Do you agree that France has separated itself from the rest of European states involved in the war on Syria and is now playing a more destructive role in Syria?

A: I repeat; France’s foreign policy has been hijacked by Israel. Laurent Fabius is a Zionist traitor who couldn’t care less about France. Like Bernard Kouchner under Sarkozy, he wants to bleed to death all of Israel’s enemies, and will do everything he can to prevent peace in the region. In such condition, I cannot but wish that France loses whatever influence it still has in Europe and the world.

This interview was originally published on Fars News Agency.