Interview with American investigative journalist Victor Thorn

Victor-ThornKourosh ZiabariFars News Agency: American author and investigative reporter believes that with the enormous support offered to Israel by the United States government and the Congress, there’s no reason for the Israelis to hold anti-American sentiments or be dissatisfied with the Americans. He also says that the financial and political institutions of the United States are dominated by the Israeli lobby.

“AIPAC is economically blackmailing the Americans. Considering the amount of influence they exert on the Capitol Hill and within the Congress, if a Congressman fails to follow the line the AIPAC dictates, then in the next upcoming elections he will be slandered as being anti-Israeli, anti-Semite and things like that… it’s clear that most of the Congress members bow down to them and vote to please them and this may explain much of the different votes we get in the Congress,” said Victor Thorn in an interview with Fars News Agency last week.

Victor Thorn is the author of some 40 books about Zionism, the U.S. domestic and foreign policy, the 9/11 attacks and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a reporter with the American Free Press weekly. He is a co-founder of the

Mr. Thorn took part in an exclusive interview with Fars News Agency and responded to some of our questions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the new round of peace talks between the Palestinian authority and Israel and the behind-the-scenes ties and between the United States and Israel.

What follows is the text of the interview.  

Q: You know that the new round of peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli regime has started and is said that it will last for 9 months. Are you optimistic about the future of these talks? Some Palestinian political parties have voiced their opposition to the talks as they believe the negotiations will not guarantee the rights of the Palestinian people including the liberation of the Occupied Territories and the right of return for the refugees. What’s your viewpoint on that? 

A: I don’t hold a lot of faith in the talks whatsoever. To me, this is simply a replaying of what had been happening in Jimmy Carter’s administration. I’m not sure what Barack Obama’s intentions are over there. But I know that when there was the UN vote last year, all of the United Nations supported the Palestinians except for Barack Obama’s representative at the time Susan Rice who again voted against Palestine’s membership to the UN, so we see that Barack Obama was not truly a supporter of the Palestinian cause. It would seem to me that when nearly every other nation at the UN voted to support Palestine and the Obama’s representative didn’t, to me it seems clear from that vote that who he really is.

Q: Do you think that the approval of the Palestinian statehood to the UN has contributed to the realization of the goals of the Palestinian nation, or do you see it as a simply symbolic and ceremonial happening that can’t play a major role in the fulfillment of the objectives of the nation of Palestine? 

A: To me, symbols speak very clearly. So whether this was symbolic or not, we should note that symbols are extremely powerful in conveying a message. I’m a pretty straightforward guy, and I like things straightforward with me. So if somebody says that they’re voting against the Palestinians, I take them at their word, but if they say no, aligning themselves with what I am, I like things spelled out quite clearly, and to me, if Barack Obama intended to really thumb his nose at Israel, there could be no better symbol sent or no better message sent than that vote in the UN, and to me it was highly relevant and highly important that he chose to vote the way the neo-conservatives liked. It sends a message, and it’s clear.

Q: President Obama has been a lot of pressure by the influential Israeli lobby, AIPAC and other pro–Israel advocacy groups in the United States to take a harsh stance on Iran, even to the extent of launching a military strike against Iran. He was also prodded by the Israeli lobby to abandon his denouncement of the illegal settlement constructions. Overall, the Israeli lobby has been putting a huge amount of pressure on the Obama administration on a number of issues. How has the Israeli lobby become so dominant and influential in the United States? What has given AIPAC and the pro-Israeli lobby such an immense power? 

A: AIPAC is economically blackmailing the Americans. Considering the amount of influence they exert on the Capitol Hill and within the Congress, if a Congressman fails to follow the line the AIPAC dictates, then in the next upcoming elections he will be slandered as being anti-Israeli, anti-Semite and things like that. So, it’s clear that with that much power and also the influence in the media, most of the Congress members bow down to them and vote to please them and this may explain much of the different votes we get in the Congress. So, when it comes to Iran, I think one point is extremely important that, when the Stuxnet computer virus was unleashed on Iran’s nuclear facilities, it was revealed who was behind it. It was a joint mission between Israel and the United States. So again, who are Barack Obama, his administration and intelligence agencies siding with? Was it Iran to prevent the proliferation of the Stuxnet virus? No! It was in unison with Israel to destroy and disable the nuclear capabilities of Iran. So, it seems to me that in each of these actions, Barack Obama is siding with Israel. When it comes to the economic sanctions against Iran, which have had a great impact upon them, did Barack Obama step in to try to prevent those from happening or signed them, gave the green light to them and promoted them? So it seems like in every instance, Barack Obama is siding with Israel in perpetuating the U.S. foreign policy the same way that George Bush, Dick Cheney and the neo-cons did. So, a great scholar on this subject Jonathan Azaziah, whom you may be aware of, said that Barack Obama is a bigger neo-con than the neo-cons were, so that’s my perspective on this situation.  

Q: You talked of the influence of the Israeli lobby over the U.S. Congress and administration. What about their dominance of the U.S. mainstream media? How has the Israeli lobby gained such an enormous power and supremacy on the press, magazines and TV stations that no single word can be uttered in these media in criticism of the actions and policies of the Israeli lobby? 

A: To anybody in this country who is paying attention, it’s no secret that the Jewish lobby dominates the U.S. media, Hollywood and so forth. They even brag about it. It’s no secret to anyone who wants to know about the great deal of influence by the Israeli lobby over the media in the United States. To me, it’s a given and a known fact. And once it’s a known fact, then you just take everything that comes out of the mainstream media and Hollywood a recognition that it’s painted by the Jewish ownership, and so it’s a given to me.

Q: Only a few days prior to President Rouhani’s inauguration, the U.S. Congress unanimously passed a bill which imposed a new round of sanctions against Iran. The actions was apparently stirred up by the Jewish lobby, but it was an extremely counterproductive decision in the course of resolving Iran’s nuclear controversy and will surely quash the chances of reconciliation between Iran and the West for finding a negotiated solution to the nuclear standoff. What’s your take on that? 

A: Like I said earlier, I believe that the tone that is used by this U.S. administration is precisely the same tone that was used by the previous administration, and when it comes to Iran, Barack Obama’s foreign policy is no different whatsoever than it was during Bush and Cheney’s term. He is perpetuating, in every instance, their foreign policy. So when Barack Obama used their tone, considering a great deal of influence AIPAC has over the Congress, there’s no difference between Obama administration and the Bush and Cheney administration, and to me, it’s simply a continuation and the same policy that Obama is pursuing.

Q: You’ve extensively written about the possible role Israel might have played in the 9/11 attacks. There are several scholars who have presented evidence showing that Israel was involved in that tragic event. May I ask you to elaborate more on your studies regarding the involvement of Israel in masterminding the 9/11 attacks? 

A: I’ve written two books exclusively on this subject which are both available on and also American Free Press. The names of the books are “9/11 Evil: Israel’s Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks” and “9/11 Made in Israel”. Both of the books are extensive studies about Israel’s central role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I was the first writer to ever write an entire book devoted to the subject. And, to summarize the book in a simple term, it should be said that 9/11 was simply an inside job, and actually an inside-outside job. In other words, the neo-cons and Israelis first infiltrated into Bush administration, working with the Israeli government and elements within the Israeli government to orchestrate, facilitate and conduct the 9/11 terrorist attacks. There’s so much evidence presented in this book that it’s a huge undertaking to give the span of how involved they were in the attacks, but in every single aspect of the 9/11, you see the neo-cons and Israeli influence as the ones who were executing this false-flag attack.

Q: So, is there reliable and hard evidence confirming that Israel orchestrated, perpetrated or at least was involved in those attacks? 

A: Absolutely, there’s such evidence, and that’s what these two books are devoted to exposing. As I said, it’s like a court case. We cannot provide all the evidence right now during this interview; however, the books “9/11 Evil” and “9/11 Made in Israel” are just type of books which I would suggest to anybody in Iran who is interested in the subject. There are books and films which are really inexpensive and will show you who was really involved in the attacks.

Q: Last year I interviewed Captain Joe Cortina, a former U.S. airborne special operations officer, who had visited the Occupied Territories a few years ago and surprisingly noted that despite the unconditional support and backing the United States offers to Israel, many Israelis held strong anti-American sentiments and some kind of resentment and hatred toward the U.S. government and American people. Have you ever noted such an environment in Israel and among the Israelis? 

A: It’s hard for me to comment on this subject as I have never been to Israel, but to me it would seem inconceivable that they should think like this, given that America is their protector, their primary supplier of not only financial aid but also military aid, so I don’t know what more could be given to them when the United States sides with them in every single UN vote. I don’t know what America can do about this resentment. To me, it’s mind-boggling because I couldn’t figure out why. When it comes to foreign policy, the Obama administration is a continuation and perpetuation of the foreign policy of Bush and Cheney in every single instance, and there should be no reason whatsoever for Israel to have any negative sentiments being that the United States, more than any other state supports and finances them.

Q: Right. So, what’s your viewpoint regarding the continued blockade and siege of the Gaza Strip? The humanitarian aid by the foreign countries cannot be shipped to this coastal enclave because of the Israeli blockade, and the people are living in a very dire situation without regular access to medicine, foodstuff, electricity power, fossil fuels and consumer goods. Israel is maintaining the blockade without paying attention to this fact that they are human beings living there who have basic and essential needs. Why don’t the international organizations take action to support the cause of the people of Gaza and call for an end to this brutal blockade? 

A: Of course it would be a good idea for the human rights organizations, but I guess even more so, that every Arab nation in the Middle East should do tenfold more than what they are doing to bring pressure on Israel, so to me, the best solution is the one closest to home and since Israel is laid in the center of the Middle East, then every Arab nation should just up the ante and try to alleviate the situation. That’s my suggestion. Every Arab nation should do more than what they are doing now, and insist, not only suggest, that a change should take place with regards to Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians.

Q: Of course it’s as good idea for the Arab nations to contribute to the liberation of the Gaza Strip and the Occupied Territories, but we know that some of these nations in the Middle East and Persian Gulf have unjustifiably collaborated with Israel in the recent years on different projects. For instance, we know about the joint financial projects between Israel and Qatar or Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Why have some Arab nations, instead of helping the cause of the Palestinian nation, submitted themselves to the Israeli regime and moved toward furtively normalizing their ties with it? 

A: It’s a question that the Middle East experts can better answer than I could, but to me, actions speak louder than words, and if the Middle East and the Arab world as a whole is opposed to these Israeli practices, then they should rally all of their forces and present a united front. The more that the Arab world is fractured, the dividing counter-strategies, then the less impact they will have when it comes to these issues. To me, there should be strong Arab leaders rallying millions and millions of Arabs together and saying that this is our one priority right now, that is the Israeli issue, which we need to focus on. The Middle East now is so fractured that there’s absolutely no united front against Israel, and this is precisely what they want.

Q: Many U.S. citizens, despite the psychological warfare being unleashed on them by the mainstream media, have realized in the recent years that their taxes are going to empower a regime which is predicated on suppressing and subjugating a defenseless population, that is the people of Palestine. This regime is continuing to confiscate the rights of the Palestinian nation and occupy their lands. How can the American people voice their opposition to this policy of unconditionally supporting Israel and convince the government that their taxes should be consumed for finding solutions on the domestic economic crises, instead of giving vigor to Israel’s war machine and protect it from being held to justice? 

A: I think there are few people here in the U.S. paying close attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Regretfully I don’t think the vast majority of Americans give it much thought, if you want to know the truth. I think that with the dire economic conditions in America and the public scandals going on in Washington D.C., I think Palestine is extremely low on the point scale for the everyday American. I think they’re working and striving to make the ends meet, and I don’t think they concern themselves even a molehill with the Palestinian issue. This is what the vast majority of Americans think. If you ask them what the top 10 important things they think about are, I think the Palestinian issue would be on their top 50 list. I don’t think it’s a priority for the most Americans.

Q: My final question is an essential question. Why does the United States unconditionally and unreservedly support Israel, even when it violates the international law? In the 2008-2009 Gaza massacre, in the 33-day war against Lebanon and in its furtive sponsorship of the Syrian insurgents, Israel is fully supported by the United States. What has attached Israel to the United States so inseparably? Why is Washington continuing to back Tel Aviv this way? 

A: I would have answered this question differently had it been one week ago; but last week I read a phenomenal book by Mr. Texe Marrs who runs the website The Power of Prophecy. The book was titled “DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline” and what he does in this book is that he traces the DNA of those who consider themselves as Curacao Jews today, and he has found out that the 90% of all the DNA of those who are considered as Jews today goes back to the Khazars who were originally Turks in the 9 th century AD located at the southern tip of Russia and that around 98% of Curacao Jewish blood is actually Khazar blood. They adopted Judaism and when the Russians conquered them, they migrated to Europe. This book is phenomenal to me and clarifies many things, and it would take an entire book to explain it but it completely changes everything and how I view the situation, but I would really encourage anyone to read Texe Marrs’s book. It explains many things, especially about the formation of Judaism in Europe in the late 1800.

Q: So, is it possible for you to summarize in a simple language some important points of this book, especially for the Iranian readers who may not have access to its translated version? 

A: Well, I think I’ve highlighted the most important parts. The Khazars in Turkey adopted Judaism. They were very warlike people and these Khazars are the actual bloodline of some 98% of the people who consider themselves Jews. Texe Marrs says that only 2 percent can be considered as Sephardic Jews from the Middle East and the Old Testament times. So 98% of the Curacao Jews are actually Khazars, and the people that resettled after the World War II and formed the illegal state of Israel were these Khazars who came from different parts of Europe and then the Diaspora. They are those who are occupying Israel today So, they aren’t the Sephardic or Curacao Jews mentioned in the Old Testament, but are instead Khazars who migrated to the Occupied Territories.

This interview was exclusively conducted for the Fars News Agency and republished on the Counter Currents website.